Please this little boy is fighting for his life!

Sun, 05/05/2019 - 20:52 -- admin
powerlifting jaffestrength We are all fighting for PRs. This little boy is fighting for his life. Let’s all fight for him. His father is tagged below and has a GoFundme set up to help cover medical costs. Take a minute out of your day, to help help someone live another day. #begood #repost @thebattleaxegym ・・・ Long Post Alert It isn’t everyday that we get a chance to be our absolute strongest.. or our absolutely bravest.. it isn’t everyday that one gets to stand in front of so much strength in such a little body and leave completely humbled.. as the world turns we have to come to terms that life is hard and only the strong survive.. and as I stood in this room today I was only filled with the certainty that i was in the Presence of a young warrior .. all smiles, pride and the same outgoing attitude that was brave enough to sleep on my shoulder... it was a proud moment as we presented our custom “Strong As F*ck” shirt to Little Gaby to start off his war on a strong we got to celebrate this moment together there is only one thing that is certain, everyone is in it to win it.. a room full of love, passion, courage and positivity and I commend @gaberey3s and his family for having such a warm and welcoming presence to an otherwise overwhelming situation.. thank you @grizzlyprintparlour @bashprintiing for taking time off your schedules to make a last minute custom shirt for us all.. to @d0n_big0te for always taking care of his @beardedvillainsmiami family without question or pause and to Little Gaby, the boy brave enough to sleep soundly on my shoulder and bring a giant to his knees... Fight on little brother, as Life gives its hardest fights to its greatest warriors #fightonsixteen