EliteFTS equipment: (2) calf raises, Husafel, deadlift jack bands, boards and other items below. Samson Incline oly bench with spotter stand etc...

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 11:14 -- Brad R Chhabra
Other EliteFTS Items: *Husafel stone-adj weight *EliteFTS chalkbowls *Bench boards Other stuff: *Samson incline Olympic power lifting bench with spotters *olympic plates & Standard Plates Plus other small items; power block dumbbells with kettle bell attachment, Wobble boards & wrist/ankle weights, Precor ab crunch bench, commercial plate racks, one dumbbell 10 saddle pro DB rack etc.. New Hartford CT. Iron Horse Strength and Fitness Brad Ironhorsect@hotmail.com 860-238-4445 (leave message)