Jaroslaw Olech 18 Times World Champion!

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 22:20 -- admin
Last year Olech tied the Great Hideaki Inaba with 17 IPF Open World Titles and this year in a battle with Sergei Gaishinetc he ended the day victorious with a record 18 wins! This was a very close battle with Gaishinetc squatting an impressive 749. Olech as expected, took the squat with a nearly not to be 815 WR. It was originally turned down 2 to 1 but after his coaches appealed to the jury it was overturned! After the squats were done Gaishinetc blasted a 485 bench to Olech's 462 then beat Olech again in the deadlift with 710 to 683. However, it just wasnt enough. Olech's huge 66 lb lead in the squat carried him to victory with 1,962 to Gaishinetc's 1,945. Had his 815 not been overturned it could have been Gaishnetc with 1,945 to Olech 1,940!! You can see the 815 lift in the following video at about 38 min in.