Jessica Buettner Meet Recap

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 12:20 -- admin
powerlifting djessicabuettner MEET RECAP: Finally posting lifts from westerns!! Weighed in at 72.4kgs so weight class =84kgs Squat 182.5kg/402lbs (PR) Bench 92.5kg/204lbs Deadlift 228kg/503lbs (PR) Total: 503kg /1109lbs wilks 489 best junior lifter Video cred @degathlete, photos @risestrengthlab First meet since I started work full time so life has been all over the place these past 2 months But despite that it's been a solid training block with @justinreeson and I'm happy that we could pull together an over 400lb squat and 500lb deadlift again! Bench did not go well but I will admit I've been skipping my accessory work lately The best part of last weekend though was being there with @degathlete and everyone from @risestrengthlab Training and competing together makes for the best team atmosphere that I always miss when I'm not in Saskatoon Need to also thank the meet directors and referees for putting on a great meet