Blanca Villoch- went 7/9 and totaled 1151

Mon, 05/28/2018 - 11:27 -- admin
blanca_villoch- So i did a thing today... last minute, i decided to lift at “The Jenn”, a #uspapower Women’s Empowerment Meet. I wanted one more meet before diving into another offseason. i had an absolute blast lifting with my teammates today... went 7/9 and totaled 1151 via 452/231/468 Since i just got back from vacation, i chose not to cut and weighed in at 139lbs. I am glad i had the opportunity to participate in this amazing meet and put up the numbers i worked so hard for this past offseason. Added 72lbs. to my total... 17lbs. on squat, 11lbs. on bench, and a whopping 43lbs. to my deadlift. Now i can peacefully dive into my offseason, with some things to work on. But i can tell ya one thing... cutting weight is for the birds and im gonna grow into the 148lb. class! It’s about that total! Squat video- So nice having videos of all of my lifts from yesterday! ☺️ Squats from #TheJenn: Opener 418lbs., Second Attempt: 452lbs. (PR), and Third Attempt: 463lbs. . I definitely had the stength for 463lbs., as i squatted it in the gym a month ago during my training peak. Bench Videos- Bench press from #TheJenn Opener: 210lbs, Second Attempt 231lbs, Third Attempt: 242lbs. It was always my intent to take 242lbs. as a third so glad i didn’t play it safe and went for it. Right elbow flared out & i got out of position. Mark my words... in November that 242 will be a smoke show second attempt