Kimberly Walford- First USPA meet in the books

Mon, 05/28/2018 - 11:15 -- admin
trackfu- First USPA meet in the books, qualified for IPL DT Worlds and USPA DT Nationals. I had sooo much fun and appreciate all the love and support at the meet. I’m excited for the future! I know @matt__films is making me an awesome video, but in the interim here’s my lifts. BW: 70.3kg_154.98lbs ,Sq 182.5kg_402.3lbs (2/2), Bh 107.5kg_237 (2/3), DL 245kg_540.1lbs, National Open/Submaster Record (2/3), TL 535kg_1179.4lbs National Submaster Record, 75kg class winner /Best Open female lifter