Isabella Von Weissenberg hits a 200 KG. 440 LBS. World Record squat!

Sun, 03/04/2018 - 08:50 -- admin
Isabella Von Weissenberg- Yesterday I lifted at the Grand Prix by SBD at the Arnold Classic Sports festival in Columbus, Ohio. What an incredible experience. The platform, the huge crowd, the noise, the packed expohall, the best lifters in the world on stage.. quite extraordinary all of it, I’m so happy I was able to be there - and I really did my best meet ever, both in numbers and in feels: I squatted a new WORLD RECORD AT 200 KG (440lbs), a goal I’ve dreamed about daily since I started lifting. Benched 97.5kg. Deadlifted a european record at 215kg / 474lbs (video), at last hitting that +triple bodyweight, also one of my major goals. I totalled 512.5kg for a european record, a 505.3 Wilks and a 12kg meet PR - all of this despite having trained on a calorie deficit since November. (Although I did completely pig out on steak, mac and cheese and a billion other things last night and weighed in at 70.92 hahah. Win!) Thank you @miketuchscherer for your STELLAR coaching and programming. powerlifting