Looking for federation meet directors

Sat, 01/13/2018 - 17:19 -- Pauly Des

The OPLF broke of from the epf last year to form a federation based on the fundamentals of powerlifting. Which holds true to the beginning of what strength is. Our founders are all active competitive powerlifters spanning decades of experience in all the major federations. We are looking for meet directors all over the United States. Who want to hold contests according to the rules of powerlifitng. Our main objective is to create competition that will ensure a stable and balanced powerlifitng system. That will be recognized by the Olympic committee. Further the development of true powerlifitng competition by including all major 50 states. And having a true national competition that has legit lifters with legit totals for competing in a national meet. Seperate for a jr national event that will have its own set of requirements and a masters national event again with a seperate requirement. Limiting entries to events to include more then 1 day and running events that are streamline, clean, and timed correctly. Every thing done to benefit the lifter. Having said that we have worked on a judging manual, and test for judges to take both written and then a 60 day trial test.
Our final governing body which will be made up of a board can be contacted to make answering questions a simple task. I have North Dakota , Massachusetts locked down already for contests. That leaves 48 states not fully locked down yet at this point in doing this press release. If you think you have what it takes and you want powerlifting run right then this is for you.