Most Entertaining Forum Poster

Tue, 12/05/2006 - 14:39 -- admin
Tone Barbaccio
28% (124 votes)
Tim Bruner
4% (19 votes)
Jason Burnell
11% (48 votes)
Tommy Fannon
7% (32 votes)
Sean Katterle
1% (4 votes)
Billy Mimnaugh
30% (132 votes)
Jim Ray
3% (15 votes)
Scott Tusic
1% (6 votes)
John Villareal
5% (20 votes)
Buffet Slayer
10% (44 votes)
Total votes: 444


Submitted by Jim Ray on
Only one vote?! Hey, don't look at me - I voted for Jason. I will say that Buffet Slayer (whoever he is) on the Monster Muscle forum, has, far and away, the BEST stories. Billy and Tim get loose but Jason is so witty.

Submitted by Borg (not verified) on
It's a total crock to have this list and not put Buffet Slayer on it. He posts a lot on FI now, and his humor gets far better than the scatological fare that made him famous. If we were voting for most amusing moderator Barbaccio would win hands down. --Borg

Submitted by richard (not verified) on
Id say buffet slayer for the most Entertaining post but the most anoying would def have to be Jim Ray

Submitted by Jim Ray on
Thanks for the love, Richard. I'd say that the 2 most disliked posters are Seanzilla (y'all are always crackin' on my boy) and John Villareal. Tim goes over the top, so most just laugh him off, but, because John V. takes himself seriously, and his post can go on for-EVA, he's earned his spot.

Submitted by Tone Barbaccio (not verified) on
Buffet Slayer posts alot of now. Guy is an absolute riot. He would have easily ran away with this post if included. You didn't even need to include him and he could still win by write in votes. Funnier than hell. pocsaco

Submitted by Borg (not verified) on
Dude, BS doesn't really try to conceal his identity, but couldn't you have used his screen name if you didn't happen to catch his real one? I mean, I'm sorry for being so critical--this poll would probably be worse if I had been the one to make it--but that dude is HILARIOUS. --Borg

Submitted by admin on
Due to the tremendous public outcry, Buffet Slayer has been added to the poll. If anyone can make up the deficit it'll surely be him!

Submitted by Tone Barbaccio`` (not verified) on
That's like putting Kennelly up against a bunch of YMCA benchers! LOL BS if I could change my vote I would!

Submitted by James "Priest" ... (not verified) on
gotta go with my bud, Tone here. number 2 would have to be mimnaugh.