USPA SixKiller Odin's Fury

Saturday, February 17, 2018 to Sunday, February 18, 2018
Type of Meet: 
Project SixKiller Performance
Zip Code: 
United States
Meet Director: 
Johnny Layne
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Additional Comments: 

This meet will NOT be drug tested.

The USPA SixKiller Odin's Fury meet will be held on Saturday Feb 17 & Sunday Feb 18, 2018 at Project SixKiller Performance located at 9573 D Shore Drive, Norfolk, VA 23518. This is a sanctioned USPA meet offering full meet for all divisions plus offering push/pull, bench only and deadlift only, Raw, Raw Classic (knee wraps), Single Ply and Multi-Ply (no mono-lift will be available, must walk out squats if lifting full meet).

Weigh Ins:

All women and Men 82.5kg and below

Friday 9am-10:30pm & 5pm-6:30pm

No Saturday weigh ins for Saturday lifters. No exceptions.

Men 90kg and up

Saturday 9am-10:30am & 4pm-5pm

No Sunday weigh ins for Sunday lifters. No exceptions.

We will be holding to a strict weigh in schedule which will be crucial to staying on time. No late weigh ins will be allowed.

Rules meeting at 8:15am and lifting will start at 9am.

Please keep in mind the registration is only for the meet. You will still need to be a member of the USPA. Memberships will not be sold at the meet. Purchase your annual membership at

Lifters are encouraged to read the USPA Rulebook

Spectators $10 admission fee at door.

Direct all questions to