Mark Macqueen- IPF World Champion Jnr -120kg Class.

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 09:10 -- admin
Video to my lifts that lead to me becoming IPF World Champion Jnr -120kg Class. I went 9/9, had a PB in every lift and the total. I squatted 327.5kg for a silver medal (on bodyweight), which was a British and European Record. Bench Pressed 192.5kg which was a British Record and Deadlifted 327.5kg for the Gold medal in the deadlift and for the win and Gold medal Overall which was a British record and totalled 847.5kg which was a British Record Total. Lawrence James absolutely nailed the attempts on the day, and he was absolutely fantastic. I say this time and time again, but I truly believe he is the best game day handler, and I couldn't have done this without him My coach since day 1 Ben Rice, none of this would have ever been possible without you. My gym OBS, between all the boys and girls there has been the best thing for my lifting, made lifelong friends and they truly are family to me. Guy Murray and Suzette Lee Mccabe for keeping me healthy and being all round good cunts. Ronnie Simpson for all of his help and being a true mentor to me and to everyone who has offered support, family and friends, thnk you. Also a shout out to Ross Fleming because he is an attention whore and has been asking for one for years. Not sure why your still one of my best mates over a decade later, but cheers son. Doesn't feel real that I've became an IPF world champion, still feel incredibly overwhelmed lol. Your boy did it, and your new world champion