Return of Son Light Power!

Sat, 05/27/2017 - 22:13 -- admin
For many years Dr Latch ran the Son Light Powerifting organization as a fun place to lift.. dedicated to to amateur lifters and to bring the sport to the local area. After Dr. Latch passed the SLP seemed all but done... Recently Rich and Christina McDowell purchased the SLP and have transformed in to an official federation with full power raw and gear all standard weight classes and divisions. 3 certified judge as well as calibrated plates in pounds, Singlets required will be required and all standard rules of lifting and our ranking rules apply! Congratulations to Rich and Christina McDowell and may the organization be a commendable and reputable one!

Submitted by Jim Ray on

What was purchased? The rights to the name and logo? The gym in Tuscola? Lifter information for mailings? What about the old records? "gear"? single, double, and whatever-ply?

Submitted by rich1652 on

Name logo all mailing lists records and data pertaining to SLP were purchased. Their will be raw and geared divisions. All standard weight classes. 3 judges and calibrated weights in lbs.