Memorial page for Frederick C Hatfield

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October 21, 1942 ~ May 14, 2017 (age 74) Hatfield Quotes: "Dr Fred Hatfield was the first strength guru to talk about many subjects that others take credit for today. Practiced everything he preached. Fearless in his pursuit of knowledge and peace of mind heart and soul!!" - Ed Coan "Fred Hatfield was a good friend of mine. Over the last couple of years I enjoyed our friendly jabbing back and forth with him. I often got on his case for throwing words out there that only a few ppl understood. Good bye old buddy. See you at the chalk box somewhere down the road." -Larry Pacifico "My Great Friend and World Teammate,and 2000 Inductee in York Strength Hall Of Fame!!! One of First Humans to Squat 1000 lb !!!He is I Know Pound for Pound The Greatest Squatter in History!!!A Tremendous Inspiration To all Physically,Mentally and Spiritually!!! Thank You Fred for Being a UNIVERSAL ROLE MODEL and Long Time Friend!!! GOD BLESS AND RIP MY FRIEND!!!" -Vince Anello Sent from my iPhone