A Legend Passes: Dr. Fred Hatfield

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 21:42 -- admin
A post from Josh Bryant: "This the hardest post I ever posted on facebook. My mentor in lifting and life, Dr. Fred Hatfield, has passed away unexpectedly. As you know Fred is one of the best of lifters of all-time, the best sports scientist of all-time but that means nothing compared to what a great person he was. Any success I have had I owe to Fred. Fred is one of my best friends. Fred lived life to the fullest everyday and was the happiest he had ever been with his true love Gloria. I look forward to seeing Fred again in the kingdom of God but I know the wait won’t be easy."
A post from David Mills: "My son Milo and I were fortunate to get to see Fred Hatfield lift and meet and talk with him on several occasions. Here is a photo of Milo and Hatfield in Chicago at the USPF Seniors in Chicago in the late 80's. We saw him again at the Seniors in Vegas a year or two later. and again in York PA when he was inducted into the YORK BARBELL HALL OF FAME" A post from Rob Fletcher: " GOD Bless the Spirit of a great man, world champion, leader and legend. For 25 years you never wavered your support, and loyalty to my efforts. I will deeply miss you Fred. You were a great mentor, leader and a greater friend. Words will never express my sincere gratitude for all you have done for me. Gloria you are in my every thought and prayer God Bless you with strength and courage. With the power and force of as Dr Squat rising lifting unthinkable weight. That the strength and the power of his spirit will be with you always."


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I'll miss my Brother in Christ, Fred Hatfield. But, it's only a temporary separation. I'm very happy for him that he's in the presence of Christ now. Fred was and is an inspiration; not just in the iron game, but also in life. The measure of a man is his positive, life altering impact on those around him. This is and was the definition of Fred Hatfield.