Near-new 2ply Inzer SDP-64 and Metal Ace Bench Shirt-54 for sale

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 21:39 -- nsurdis
I have two near near multiply bench shirts for sale. The Inzer SDP is the newest design and has never even went to a touch. There are maybe 3-4 training sessions in it to a 2-3 board. The shirt was sized wrong and is too big for me. This shirt will fit a 275-308+ lifter. It will be a loose fit on a 275er and a tighter/competition fit on 308+. I took 1/2" off the length of the sleeve and had the shirt sleeves taken in a bit. The original seam is still there and you can open it up without a problem. I paid $335 for this shirt only 5 weeks ago. $200 for this shirt. The Metal Jack 54 is brand new, with no alterations, also never been touched in. It will fit a 220-242 lifter, or a real tight 275 lifter. This shirt is $325 brand new. $200 for this shirt. I will sell both shirts together for $350. email/call/text. 781-974-7298