Ellen Stein 1007 @ 132

Create: 04/25/2017 - 11:27
At the SPF Women's Pro Am in Cincinnati Ellen went 9/9-via a 385# squat, 202# bench (a 2# PR) and 420# DL and 1007# total (7# PR). She was only paying attention to her own lifts and came in 4th place in the Open RAW division. She was coached by the 2016 coach of the year Swede Burns who worked his tail off coaching over 20 lifters at the RPS Inferno meet in Pennsylvania then making his way to the Pro/Am in Ohio to coach! Ellen continues to defy the odds and father time with out showing any sign of slowing down! She's in her sixties and stronger today than she was in her 30's! This is an accomplishment well beyond the possibilities of most mortals, But Ellen Stein is building a legacy of immortality!