Jenn Rotsinger Ten Fourteen!!!!!!!

Create: 04/16/2017 - 20:47
With outstanding performances by many of the lifters at the US Open, Jenn wasn't to be out shined! The long time world record veteran pulverized her way into a land never before seen raw at her bodyweight! The 111 pound powerhouse squatted 385.8 then benched 203.9 followed by a massive 424.3 pound deadlift that gave her a 1,014.1 pound total thus becoming the lightest to crash a grand raw!


Submitted by grissinger on
Great lifting all around but that deadlift is beyond awesome!! All of you brought it and made the sketchy live feed worth watching. Strong work!!

Submitted by jon landau on
Congrats Jen, you deserve it, way to kick ass. I can't even imagine the Wilks # at your Bdwt.