2016 Coach Of The Year

Fri, 03/17/2017 - 16:06 -- admin
Josh Bryant
3% (503 votes)
Swede Burns
42% (6483 votes)
Steve Goggins
37% (5630 votes)
Chad Wesley Smith
9% (1364 votes)
Gracie Davis
2% (343 votes)
Matt Gary
1% (154 votes)
Kyle Coleman
1% (77 votes)
Pat Susco
0% (29 votes)
Jason Manenkoff
1% (100 votes)
Thomas Neal
0% (53 votes)
Matt Wenning
3% (425 votes)
Jesse Burdick
1% (205 votes)
Total votes: 15366


Submitted by Soheil Younesi on
I known Pat for several years now. He has taught me new strategies for increasing my lifts. He as also showed me ways on how to train with less pain and to take preventive measures from getting injured through mobility work and band stretching. I look forward to continue training with him.

Submitted by robert feldman on
First saw Pat's guidance online about always using the Swiss neutral bar, Safety squat bar and cambered bar up until 7 or 8 weeks out of a meet. Started training with Pat three weeks ago. His methods of keeping lifters---especially but not exclusively Masters athletes---injury and pain free seem to be already markedly efficacious. Will be honored to share the platform with him in NJ in June at the forthcoming APA event.