Eva Dunbar--Back on top of the 148 World!

Create: 03/08/2017 - 14:17
On Saturday, in a dogfight-like fashion, Eva Dunbar competed in the XPC Finals, at the Arnold Sports Festival edging out international elite's Jeannine Whittaker and Crystal Tate for the overall best lifter award and in the process regained the All-Time World Record in the 148lb (67kg) class. Eva finished with a 475lb squat, 285lb bench, and an insane 515lb deadlift! Eva trains out of Hercules Gym in Syracuse, NY, but has plenty of people to thank out of United Performance in Moncton, New Brunswick CAD for their help and support during this prep. Her next performance is just a few short weeks away at Laura Phelp's Women's Pro/Am in Cincinnati, OH on April 23rd. Stay tuned!


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Awesome deadlift, congrats. "There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the DeadLift." Jon Pall Sigmarsson...(CONVENTIONAL THAT IS). OLD SCHOOL. There are two types of lifters, those that wish they could DeadLift and those that, Do It....