2016 Gym Of The Year

Sat, 02/11/2017 - 00:01 -- admin
Woodlands Strength and Conditioning (Spring TX)
20% (1435 votes)
Ironhorse Powerlifting (Corpus Christi TX)
0% (28 votes)
Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance (North Bergen, NJ)
1% (44 votes)
Supreme Sports Performance and Training (Rockville, MD)
0% (30 votes)
Die Hard Gym (Peoria, AZ)
0% (20 votes)
Heavy Metal Fitness (San Antonio, TX)
2% (154 votes)
Tucks Power Dome (Griffin,GA)
0% (6 votes)
Gorilla Bench Training Center (Clearwater, FL)
1% (93 votes)
Seminole Strength and Conditioning (Tallahassee, FL)
0% (11 votes)
Hercules Gym (Syracuse, NY)
2% (163 votes)
Gaglione Strength (Farmingdale, NY)
1% (79 votes)
Sweatt Shop (Blue Ash, OH)
2% (122 votes)
Elite Fitness & Personal Training (Niagara Falls, NY)
12% (840 votes)
River City Barbell (Newport, KY)
4% (291 votes)
Old School Iron Gym (Cleveland, OH)
2% (174 votes)
Grit House (Cleveland, TN)
2% (140 votes)
California Elite Training Center (San Diego, CA)
4% (272 votes)
Convoy Strength (San Diego, CA)
18% (1230 votes)
Big Tex Gym (Austin, TX)
1% (37 votes)
Hybrid Strength (Bohemia, NY)
4% (256 votes)
Skiba's Gym (Carteret, NJ)
0% (28 votes)
22nd Street Barbell (Des Moines, IA)
8% (533 votes)
Blue Springs Fitness (Blue Springs, MO)
1% (90 votes)
Revolution Fitness (Hattiesburg, MS)
2% (115 votes)
Hellbent Barbell (Stratford, CT)
1% (77 votes)
Limitless Strength & Conditioning (Deerfield Beach, FL)
4% (277 votes)
Albany Strength XXL (Albany, NY)
0% (12 votes)
SMG Powerlifting (Yorktown Heights NY)
4% (279 votes)
LA Strength Club (Lewiston, ME)
0% (26 votes)
Metroflex Gym (Long Beach, CA)
1% (40 votes)
Impact Elite Gym (Kansas City, MO)
1% (62 votes)
Monster Gym and The Tiny Meeker Power Station (Kingwood, TX)
1% (37 votes)
Total votes: 7001


Submitted by Kevin E. Robinson on
It is a shame that Old School Iron Gym only got 24 votes. This gym has everything. Check out the video https://youtu.be/6BHTdJxpU1oHappy Kevin E. Robinson Friendship is Essential to the Soul! Romans 8:31 Like fan page Kevin "The Atomic Dog" Robinson Youtube Channel Suesson

Submitted by Patardard on
Boynton Barbell Center is the strongest gym in South Florida, if not in all of Florida...and nowhere to be found?

Submitted by flappysr on
"There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the DeadLift." Jon Pall Sigmarsson...(CONVENTIONAL THAT IS). OLD SCHOOL. There are two types of lifters, those that wish they could DeadLift and those that, Do It....

Those that can Deadlift, Do it Conventional. Oh yeah.