365 STRONG's New Year Challenge is a Huge Hit!

Create: 01/31/2017 - 08:02
365 Strong and event host I3 Strength Performance of Martinez, GA teamed up to provide a great lifting environment and the competitors did the rest. The meet drew lifters from 6 states, 2 TV stations and an overflow crowd. We especially want to thank gym owners Brandon Holmes and Marlon Woods, 365 Strong partner Wayne VanNostrand and the many meet spotters, loaders and volunteers. Female Competitor Highlights: Madeleine Giess, a multi-ply lifter from Columbia, SC lifting in the 148 lb class showed why she is becoming one of many young stars in the sport today. Squating 405, benching 245 and deadlifting 425 for a 1075 total! Rayseen Brown, now serving military duty, got back on platform after a long layoff, to win the 181 lb class (weighing in at 169) totaling 790. Ylander Ross, lifting as 50 years young Master SHW, moved way up the leaderboard in the national overall rankings, by squatting 340, benching 215, deadlifting 400 and totaling 955 while competing in Raw Classic. Several females stood out though competing in their first sanctioned competition: Samantha Sawyer, competed as a Raw 132…squatted 280, benched 130, deadlifted 290 and totaled 700 (winning Best Female Lifter in the Raw/Raw Classic divisions). Angela Harvin, a Raw 165 lb Novice, squatted 275, benched 155, deadlifted 315 and totaled 745. Tiffany Huntoon, a Raw 148 lb newbie, went 240, 145, 315 totaling 700. …and Push Pull lifter Tiffany Faulkner went 155 on the bench and 305 in the deadlift weighing only 122.8 lb. Other division winners were Taylor Nugent in the 132 lb Raw Classic Open and Desiree Savarese won the Novice and Open 148 lb Raw Classic title. Male Competitor Highlights: This 61 year young Master lifter got everyone’s attention and admiration. He’s Tom Bowman from Marietta, GA. Tom weighed in at 251 lbs then proceeded to go 3 for 3 on his squats maxing out with a gutsy 825 lb lift!! Master competitors and training buddies Greg Crook and Brian Welch both weighed in at a light 183 (for 198 lb class) and at the end of the day Greg inched out Brian posting a 1245 vs. a 1235 total. In the bench only 198 lb Raw division we again had training partners pitted against one another as Tim Workman nailed a 460 PR beating out Max Bolin’s 425. In the Military, Police & Firefighter 242 lb division raw classic lifter Anthony Chandler got better as the day went along, squatting 600, benching 455 and deadlifting 715. Daniel Hendricks went raw in that division winning with a 515, 320, 675 and a 1510 total. Tom Danielson won the raw 242’s totaling 1500. At 275, raw Novice lifter Wesley Wright totaled 1670 for the win. The raw classic 242’s were fun to watch. Lifting in the Open 242 lb class newbie Jason Legrand is a force going 740 on the squat, 425 on bench, 700 for deadlift to post a 1865! Adam Romero went raw 242’s and he too had a good day squatting 700, benching 435, deadlifting 585 and totaling 1720. The raw classic 275’s were amazing as Male Best (R/RC) Lifter Russell Hutchins made everything but his final deadlift to total 2015…following a 815 squat, 530 bench and 670 deadlift. Tyler Collins finished 2nd but soon will have his day in the sun as Tyler totaled 1850 with a best lift being a 705 deadlift. Multi-ply 275 Stephen Slater was impressive squatting 800, benching 655, deadlifting 645 and totaling 2100. Dan Bingaman finished 2nd to Stephen with a 1775 total. Wayne VanNostrand showed why he’s considered one of the best if not the best raw master benchers on the planet by making his 625 lb bench and just stopping short of capturing the all-time record on 650. Other class winners included: Billy King – Novice 242, Matt Mclaughlin – Novice 148, Eric Mier – Novice 165, James Corey McManus – Push Pull 165, Luis Estrada – Open Deadlift/Teen 198, Cody McAllister – Novice 181, Rhys Cowling – RC Open 181, Billy Mclaughlin – R (tested) Open 181, Cody Bellflower – R (untested) 181, Colin Harvin – Novice 198, Sean Taylor – R 198 and Fayiz Dabdoub – RC 198. Video of Tom Bowman’s 825 lb squat.