Dennis Cornelius Breaks 2 Legendary Squats!

Create: 10/17/2016 - 14:30
In a contest filled with amazement, one man not to be overshadowed was Dennis Cornelius! Dennis competed in the 120+ class and took second to the king of the supers, 392 pound Ray Williams! Dennis weighed in at 274 which is under the universally recognized 275 weight class. At that weight, Dennis broke the all time world record of 854 held by none other than Stan Efferding! Stan set that record 5 years ago and had taken all comers! Then there was the drug tested record of 850 held by a man called the Beetle! Greg "Beetle" Lowe was a prisoner who was allowed to lift outside the walls a few times before they took that privilege away. He was a beast of man and that record has stood for 15 yrs! Undaunted by the fact that Dennis was lifting against legends in his mind and a legend in the making named Ray Williams, he channeled his energies to break that 275 all time record! He did just that with a controlled 865 pound effort!