ONE THOUSAND FIVE Pounds Raw Ray Williams Its OFFICIAL!!!!

Create: 10/16/2016 - 18:15
Ray Williams finally did it! The first man in recorded history to squat 1000 pounds without a squat suit or knee wraps! The first man to attempt a grand was Joe White who on two separate occasions came up with the half ton but both times only to 1 white light. This happened in the late 70's and then Dave Waddington became the first to squat a grand albeit in an early squat suit and wraps... Fast forward several decades later and in 2011 Rob Wilkerson became the first man to do it without a squat suit. Now another 5 years and Boom big Ray Williams does it with neither suit or wraps!!!! This is the only drug tested grand in history and very well may be the greatest individual lift of all time considering everything. He's not done yet either! How much more will he take the record? There's still the bench and deadlift to report stay tuned! Update: 1005 lb squat, 529 lb bench sitting at 1,534.40 subtotal Needs only 777 to break JP Price's 2309 just set earlier today Update: Pulled 844 for a New World Record total of 2,378.7 breaking both the SHW World record and topping the 2,369 highest total on record held at 308 by Eric Lilliebridge!!!! This also breaks the all time drug tested wrapped record total held by Marcus Henry! (456 kg, 240 kg, 383 kg, total 1079 kg)

844!! 😍😍That's one badass mf'r!!!

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