How much carry over does a "Deadlift" bar give over a Standard Powerbar?

Mon, 08/01/2016 - 21:04 -- admin
37% (138 votes)
30% (112 votes)
9% (34 votes)
6% (21 votes)
6% (24 votes)
Less than 05% or Nothing at all
12% (43 votes)
Total votes: 372


Submitted by JASON MANENKOFF on
[quote=grissinger]One of the options should have been less then 5%. Do they still teach math?[/quote] Agreed. Depending on how you pull (style Ie. stiff legged, yank off the floor, sumo) and where a lifters strength is it would vary but I don't think it's EVER above 5%.

Submitted by admin on
I added a less than 5% or nothing at all, but truth is if you got nothing then there would be no reason to even use the deadlift bar..Heck I didn't think anyone would have chosen 20 or 25 % but they have.

Submitted by JASON MANENKOFF on
Dont forgot other variables. Not all 7 ft bars are created equal especially when they are 28.5mm (TPB) vs 29mm Eleiko with 215,000 PSI. then add in disks which are much thinner compared to having 45's which created a "bridging effect". Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance

Submitted by Altered Beast on
USPA, Drug Free division seems to be the route for many of us that don't want to deal with the IPF rules and politics =) Don't really care to be macho, Pulling with the Texas Deadlift Bar doesn't bother my Lumbars like a stiff bar does. Just sayin! Supposed to be about health and longevity, right? *My main beef is Squatting with Wraps. If the IPF allowed Wraps, I might seriously reconsider the above.


Submitted by Altered Beast on
In all honestly, who the hell is getting 10-25% increase by using the Texas DL Bar?!?!?! Bunch of bullshit.


Submitted by vincent pachuta on
I get maybe 10lbs if that once I train a few times. I'd like to see someone get 15%+ out of a deadlift bar. There is no way anyone can get that.

Vincent pachuta

Submitted by jmkillin on
I always felt that female USAPL/IPF lifters should lobby for the smaller diameter bar for deadlifting....just like heavyweight lifters shouldn't be limited to the 2 meter knee wraps....the same length allowed for someone in the 105 lbs class. A lot of that stuff in the rule books just doesn't make any sense at all. Never have understood why socks can't be touching the knee wraps. In olympic weightlifting, women do use a smaller bar.

Submitted by dennisc on
I get roughly 30 lbs out of a deadlift bar over an elieko (or similar) bar. That's less than 4%.