Charlotte EUROPA Games Powerlifting Championships - sanctioned by 365 SPF (365 STRONG Powerlifting Federation)

Create: 07/14/2016 - 15:59
Europa Highlights The day festivities got under way with an inspiring video, lifter introduction, the singing of our National Anthem by Monique Saunders. The twelve female competitors were awesome. All lifted with a high level of intensity and passion but the positive energy and support they displayed to one another was second to none. Six of the females scored an Elite rated lift with five accomplishing an Elite total. Powerlifting newcomers, Nadia Zebouni, Taylor Nugent, Hannah Cochran, Victoria Renfroe and Cathy Cranford all turned in tremendous performances. The male lighter classes saw 148 lb lifter Jeremy Seff capture his Elite total. However, Jeremy was a close second to Ke Collington in the bench only competition. Ke’s 375 bench now ranks him 2nd in the current nationwide overall standings! Maurice McFadden, relatively new in the powerlifting seen, showed why he’s going to a force to other 181’s are going to have to deal with…totaling 1450 and barely passing Michael Mahaffey on the deadlift. Derek Selles has a good day and finished 3rd. I can’t say enough about how everyone in this session empowered each other. Sunday’s heavy class of lifters were awesome! Teenagers, David Luu, Jacob Hunt and Spencer Bramble all have great futures in our sport. With David hitting an Elite teen lift in the squat and deadlift. There were eleven Master lifters that competed. Led by the ageless Curtis Rabon. Curtis totaled Elite in Raw Classic as a Master and Open 275. Wayne Van Nostrand, lifting as a guest lifter, nailed a 575 bench, just missing 600 twice. He did come back to pull 600. Willis Lewis, M1 – 242, made a 660 deadlift and barely missed on his 700 attempt. Robert David Sr. is flat out a beast benching 460 and deadlifting 680 at 308’s. Geared lifter Harry Wotring got his 505 bench as did Raw bencher Franklin Davis for both to capture their bench Elite status. Dallas Norris posted an Elite total at 198’s, breaking the 700 barrier on the squat before adding a 665 deadlift. John Rabon squatted 605 himself in the same weight class. Corey McManus was solid as a Raw lifter. Tim Workman benched 415 at 198 as well. 220’s were led by Shane Langston’s 1745 total. Michael Cooper and Jon Parker won their respective divisions at 220’s as well. Brian Hill and Desi Hubbard were matched up head to head in geared competition at 242. Brian was able to get his opening squat in…915! Desi couldn’t get one passed as they both tried squats 1000 lb or better. Brian finished the day with an eye popping 2325 total! Ryan Daining barely missed an Elite total but did finish with a 1700 in Raw Classic. Michael Brooks took home the M/P/F award. Barron Henderson, at 275, won his equipped division totaling 1820. Nathan Robbins was also very solid in 275’s with a 1745. Joshue DesVoignes, Kyle Herbert, Will Wooten and Jeff Jasek will all keep getting better. Clark Bobo, Willis Lewis, Joe Nielsen and Logan Ibele each won their single or combo lift divisions. Jason Cantrell totaled 1615 and Special Olympian Kevin Hall pulled a big 610 to get “W’s”. Huge Nicholas Acree went 8 for 9 at SHW to total 2100…Elite across the board! Special Thanks A special thanks goes out to Europa owner Eric Hillman! As well as to all of meet officials, spotters and loaders, vendors, spectators and especially to our lifters. Great show was put on by everyone!!