Will Money Corrupt Powerlifting?

Create: 11/19/2005 - 07:53
As some money has started flowing into powerlifting it's natural to think that the future will bring more. The state of the sport right now doesn't guarantee that. However, that doesn't stop speculation over at Monster Muscle about the influence money may have on the sport. Vinny Dizenzo says:

I have won money in this sport and I can say it definitely makes it better. Anyone who says money is no good for the sport probably has no shot at earning it.

Many wonder with so many divisions, how prize money will be distributed to all of them.

The only real problem I see is that with so many divisions, how do you break it up? I'm a Master's lifter, so how would it work for somebody like me?

Inevitably the lighter lifters won't see larger purses:

the smaller lifter really doesnt have a chance at winning big money right now. 181 and 198 push three times there body weight arent getting the same as a guy lift twice there body weight even though it is 800 plus.

Dizenzo responds:

That is why I spent the last ten years gaining over 100 lbs...This is not a dis to the lighter lifters. Their accomplishments are truly amazing. I just realized by going to a lot of meets, the biggest crowds and recognintion went mostly to the bigger lifters.

Big_byrd52 actually views money as a possible savior for powerlifting:


Powerdoc sums up the feelings of a vast number:

Lift for the fun and challenge, not the money.


Submitted by Kevin (not verified) on
The problem with the money is; most meet directors cannot afford to give money prizes. I have been running meets for several years now, and if anyone thinks I make money off of meets, they are sadely mistaken. I just wish I did. I would be hard for the average meet director to give out money when they don't have it. I think that money prizes would be great, just not realistic.

Submitted by dannyautrey on
In my experience with another sport that pays, but not very much, the lighter guys and the women don't get much. At the Eagle River Highland games, the top 6 Amateurs get paid and all of the pros get paid. Women and under 190 competitors very rarely see a purse, but none of them complain.