Powerlifting friendly gyms series: Total Performance Sports

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Total Performance Sports is known for the best training environment and the best equipment for you to get STRONG. They have 10,000 square feet of EliteFTS equipment including two Monolifts, two comp benches, two Reverse Hypers, four Glute/Ham benches, a full turf area, Prowlers, hammers, ropes, kettlebells, tons of bumpers, seven platforms, tons of racks and a fully equipped indoor strongman area as well as a shipping container outside full of more strongman gear. We have interviewed C.J. Murphy to learn some more about it. PLW - When was Total Performance Sports founded? C.J. Murphy - We started in 1999 in only 900 square feet. TPS has grown over the years moving into a 7500 square foot facility, then we moved when our lease expired and we were unable to renew into 30,000 square feet. That building was sold right out from under us after only 5 years of occupancy to convert it into a high priced hotel. This put us in our current home of 10,000 square feet. The new space is possibly our best location. It’s just the right size. PLW - Was it powerlifting friendly since the beginning or was it gradually turned into a training center for the sport? C.J. Murphy - Yes. Total Performance was started to do a few things: Give me my own space to train clients instead of going all over the place to different gyms To give me and my training partners a place to smash weights To give the serious strength athlete a home. We have been PL/Strongman/Weightlifting friendly from Day 1 and always will be. That is what we area about. PLW - How did you get personally involved with PL? C.J. Murphy - I got involved in the strength sports like most of us. I wanted to be strong and decided to train and eventually compete. I no longer compete, but di for years as a Powerlifter and Strongman. PLW -What is your relationship with the sport now C.J. Murphy -I currently promote a NAS Strongman show each year and I am the State Chair for North American Strongman. I also host an RPS Powerlifting meet once a year as well as judge whenever I am needed. TPS also has a team of lifters who compete regularly and I manage their training. PLW - What makes your powerlifting friendly gym different from other gyms in your area? C.J. Murphy - This is easy. There are really no powerlifting friendly gyms in my area. It’s mostly commercial gyms and a few Crossfit boxes. We have a team of qualified coaches who also compete, a room full of the best training equipment form EiteFTS and the right environment. Our members also make us different. We have a group of very dedicated people who train here and they bring a unique energy to the gym. PLW - In your opinion, does being powerlifting-friendly conflict with providing general strength, conditioning and fitness service to the community? C.J. Murphy - No. As a matter of fact, it’s a bonus. The person who comes here knows we are different and sees that our staff is different. We also have a separate personal training area for clients so that we are not using the equipment the lifters are using. This creates a unique environment where all are welcome and the uninitiated new clients don’t get tossed in with the stronger people on Day 1. They get used to it and begin to love it. PLW - How does your general public react to powerlifters, to powerlifting equipment and to powerlifting specific activities going on at your gym? C.J. Murphy - In our experience, most of the people who come in for a tour already know what we are about and are not surprised. The ones that are not familiar are usually pretty impressed especially since we have a large amount of female lifters. They like it. PLW - In your opinion, can powerlifting provide helpful resources to the general public? C.J. Murphy - Yes. There are many ways that we can be useful besides for moving refrigerators. At the meets I run we always give a charitable donation to a local group. We’ve also done demos for different groups to show them what can be done though training. PLW - What else goes on in your gym? C.J. Murphy - Lots of shenanigans. Seriously, we have a large Personal Training/Strength and Conditioning department that services hundreds of clients weekly. They range from Elite athletes to “normal” people looking to get fit. We have hundreds of members who compete and train here for Strongman, Powerlifting and Weightlifting. We also have a fair amount of Crossfitters who train here when they aren’t at their local box. And we all get along. TPS offers Nutrition Services as well for anything form Fat Loss to Sports Performance and Figure Prep. We have someone on staff who specializes in just about anything strength related that you need. TPS has a Yoga/Pilates instructor, Powerlifting coaches, Strongman coaches, nutritionists, Kettlebell instructors and the best Personal Training team anywhere. PLW - Please add whatever other information about your gym that could be interesting to our readers, stories, anecdotes, or anything you want to say. If you are looking for gym where you can come in and train on your own program that offers you the right equipment and the right environment, this is the place. If you are looking for coaching to improve your lifts, your performance at a meet, or just a few sessions to improve your technique, we’ve got you covered. We offer Day Passes for those coming in from out of town as well. CONTACT INFORMATION Total Performance Sports 150 Charles Street Malden Mass 02148 (781) 912-2025 www.totalperformancesports.com Instagram: tpsmalden Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TotalPerformanceSportsEverett Twitter: RealTPS


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