Powerlifting friendly gyms series: Blue Collar Barbell

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Blue Collar Barbell is known for being a home to strength sports in general. But chiefly, it is known as Shawna Mendelson's gym: a big name in competitive strength sports, Shawna became a magnet for those seeking strength for all the reasons you can imagine (and possibly some you can't: strength is that basic to human existence). With you, Shawna Mendelson: owner of Blue Collar Barbell 140 Keyland Ct. Bohemia NY Unit 23 PLW - When was [gym name] founded? Was it powerlifting friendly since the beginning or was it gradually turned into a training center for the sport? Shawna - Blue Collar Barbell is four years old, the original name was The New gym. I opened up The New Gym in 2003. We have always been a powerlifting, strength, and athletic training facility. PLW - How did you get personally involved with PL? What is your relationship with the sport now (coach, athlete, meet organizer, judge, etc) ? Shawna - I got involved in powerlifting as a competitor back in 2000. I became a gym owner and back in 2003. I have an educational background in Kinesiology/ Sports Science, and I am a CSCS. I have been running meets within the sport since 2001. I was the NY State APF Chairman, and I am now heavily involved with the International Powerlifting Association (IPA) I’m both a National and an International Judge. PLW - What makes your powerlifting friendly gym different from other gyms in your area? Shawna - We are the only Westside Conjugate training facility on Long Island. Our facility has the best equipment from two Monolifts, Pro Forza Benches, all pro and specialty bars, racks, Westside Barbell Belt Squat Machine, Reverse Hyper, Deadlift platform, bands chains, strongman equipment, and highland games implements. Blue Collar Barbell has everything any strength athlete would ever want and need. I have been an Elite level (Pro) athlete and ranked in the top two and top top 10 for all 3 lifts for the last 16yrs. I have been a student of some of the best most prevalent coaches to walk the face of the planet such as Louie Simmons, Rick Hussey, Scot Mendelson and others. I don’t do any cookie cutter programming, all of my programming is geared towards each individual. I am a hands on in your face kind of coach. I don’t believe in being a “yes” man. If you are looking to train at a facility where the synergy is awesome, the energy is positive, the coaching and experience is above and beyond, this is the place for you. This is my life, proof is not only in my numbers, but in the numbers and success of my athletes and clients. I work to help build champions one person at a time. PLW - In your opinion, does being powerlifting-friendly conflict with providing general strength, conditioning and fitness service to the community? Shawna - In my world no it doesn’t. My facility is private. So, it’s a niche environment for me and what I offer. People around me love it! PLW - How does your general public react to powerlifters, to powerlifting equipment and to powerlifting specific activities going on at your gym? Shawna - I have no issues at all. I am in an industrial area. We have many different kinds of businesses where I am located. People actually are always curious and very intrigued about what we do in my gym. PLW - In your opinion, can powerlifting provide helpful resources to the general public? Shawna - Yes, 100% teaches people how to become empowered within themselves, especially women, and people with previous injuries. It’s awesome when someone realizes they can do things again, and they really are stronger then they have ever imagined! PLW - What else goes on in your gym? Shawna - I do all private one on one personal training for regular people such as doctors, lawyers, home makers, regular fitness enthusiasts. I also work with athletes such as wrestlers, MMA fighters, cheerleaders, dancers, football players, baseball players, lacrosse, and gymnasts in both strength, GPP, and general fitness. I also offer group training, and of course Team Blue Collar Barbell where I coach a team of 15-20 people on Mon, Wed, Friday nights and on Sundays. I also do online programing and coaching via skype, and I do Strength and Sports Performance Clinic’s both in my facility, and around the globe. PLW - Please add whatever other information about your gym that could be interesting to our readers, stories, anecdotes, or anything you want to say. Shawna - Blue Collar Barbell is a non- intimidating facility that is 100% private. My clients are not just clients they are great friends. I have been working with some of the same people for over 10+ years. I am an athlete who competes in 3 sports. Powerlifting, Highland Games, and Body Building. I am at the national and world level in all 3 sports. I’m so passionate about what I do and it comes out in my work. If you are looking to make a change may it be in your general health, physical appearance, are looking to get strong, or compete in a specific sport I am the person for you. Contact information Shawna Mendelson Owner of Blue Collar Barbell 140-23 Keyland Court Bohemia, NY 11716 Bluecollarbarbell1@gmail.com , www.bluecollarbarbell.com : IG Bluecollarbarbell 516-993-6378


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