Deadlifting With The Finnish Masters

Create: 09/22/2006 - 07:32
South Carolina Barbell has published an email exchange between Marc Bartley and Finnish powerlifter Sakari about moving his deadlift forward and entitled it, Deadlifting with the Finnish Masters. Here's Part 2. If you're looking for a new deadlift training routine, take a look at this sixteen week deadlifting cycle. The outline:

Attached is a 16 week outline. It starts with sumo pulls standing on 1-2 inch block. We felt no higher is recommended, it will destroy form. You will end up sitting hips way back too long or pulling hips too high. Stop each rep on floor. The second wave is Romanian DL´s. It fill fix you for a condition to pull big. Keep your back arched and use glutes and hams to move the bar, keep back arched. Do not let the bar touch floor. The 3rd mini-cycle I pretty much stole from George Herring. He is one smart guy with 800+ pull in the 220´s at 47 age. It features reverse band pulls with sumo. Set the bands so that actual weight hits you in the knees. This is to fix the second sticking point at knee level and to get used to big weights. Aim for 100+ % on 3rd week. The 4th wave is to deload, use both styles to let hips rest. Basically, only sumo sets are done for perfecting form.