2014 Female Lifter Of The Year

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 13:04 -- admin
Anna McCloskey- European Champion, WPC World Champion- Best LIfter 21yrs Old
8% (223 votes)
Jill Mills- All Time World Record Holder, Out of Retirement Breaks Own 15yr old Record
6% (160 votes)
Susan Salazar- All Time World Record Holder- Tops Two Class Rankings, Highest Formula Ranking in Raw/wraps
15% (406 votes)
Ellen Stein- All Time World Record Holder, 3rd Open Rankings @ 61 yrs old
7% (189 votes)
Larysa Soloviova- IPF World Record Holder, Biggest Wilks In IPF History
16% (438 votes)
Tara Green- GPC & CPL Canadian National Champ, LA Expo Champ Raw, Mr O Pro Inv Champ, WPC Bench Champ
17% (471 votes)
Rheta West- Becomes lightest woman to squat 500 Lbs Raw, All Time World Record Holder Multiply
5% (143 votes)
Kim Walford- IPF World Record Holder, IPF World Champion, All Time World Record Holder Open and Tested
20% (568 votes)
April Shumaker- All Time World Record Holder, RUM VII Champion
1% (32 votes)
April Mathis- All Time World Record Holder, Biggest lifts in All three events, Highest Raw record Total in History
6% (167 votes)
Total votes: 2797


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Submitted by Penny Rodden on
so many choices! All very strong and accomplished! Susan, Ellen @ 61!!! Rheta!, gaaaaaahhhh

Submitted by Team McCloskey on
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Submitted by nuninu118 on
Ellen Stein Honored to even be considered for this given this amazing group of strong ladies and to even still be relevant in this day and age-thanks to whoever nominated me! My vote however is for someone who was not nominated-Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary

Submitted by MHanlein on
Gotta give my vote to Kim Walford. I watch her videos and feel absolutely terrible about my pull haha

Submitted by redslife74 on
They are all phenomenal women each in their own right! Kim Walford inspires me on and off the platform. She just keeps getting better & better.. Can't wait to see what she does next!! Therese Foy, Redslife LLC Public Relations / Marketing / Social Media NESTA Certified Trainer Strength Talk, Producer Www.Redslife.com Iron Rebel Sponsored Athlete Play Again Sponsored Athlete BNRG Sponsored Athlete