Favorite Single Ply Bench Shirts

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 22:26 -- Blake Morgan
Titan F6
13% (49 votes)
Overkill Shirts
24% (91 votes)
Katanas of any kind
53% (196 votes)
APT Apex Shirts
1% (5 votes)
Metal Shirts
8% (31 votes)
Total votes: 372


Submitted by Blake Morgan on
Sorry for excluding inzer. My reasoning for that is that I had an inzer that blew out on me, and got another one, first use, it blew out.... I know inzer has extremely great equipment, especially multi ply, but Im doing this for which shirt ill buy next.

Blake Morgan

Submitted by jphraner on
I've stretched 20+ Super Katana's to the point they wont come back and lose all their "pop". I've even torn 3 arms off. Super Katana's to me are very forgiving, and stretch quite a bit, which is easier to touch, but they only do it a couple times. If you're looking for a Monster of a shirt, that has longevity, go with a single ply Overkill. I get about 30 more lbs out of the shirt, and I can use it over and over again with out it stretching to no return.

Submitted by Fattest Illinoi... on
Overkill is the only one that has never blown out on me...... never mind how many of the top guys are all switching to Overkill.

Submitted by Michael Randall on
I have only worn an Overkill Single Ply shirt, so I have no experience with any other shirt. Yet my results with my Overkill shirt speaks for itself. When it comes to touching I have hit a 630lbs press in training which is 260lbs higher than my best raw press. I have recently pressed 703lbs from a 1-board with ease. The pop in my shirt is still as good as the first day that I was in it. Would I get the same results with a different shirt? I see no point in finding out when my shirt works great, and I don’t fear it blowing out.

Submitted by Big Josh on
My Super Katana has never given me an issue (single and double ply) and to me it is as good as the day I got it almost 2 years ago. But I do agree that Inzer should have been included on this list. Not a huge fan but they deserve to be on the list. Joshua Held Proudly Sponsored By: Anderson Powerlifting www.andersonpowerlifting.com

Submitted by benchpress on
I have done 32 competion in the same shirt. In my F6 ago in 2009. 3 worldrecord. Last year my best raw lift in training 235kg and 372.5kg with me F6. I try to test a LOW CUT my next meet. best regards Fredrik Svensson

Submitted by billandapril on
I personally watched an overkill explode with over 600 on the bar right in the gym.