Which Federation Has The Strongest Lifters?

Sat, 11/19/2005 - 20:13 -- admin
32% (148 votes)
5% (24 votes)
39% (185 votes)
12% (57 votes)
7% (34 votes)
4% (21 votes)
Total votes: 469


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
How can anyone really say which organization is the strongest? The rules and equipment seem to vary from one to another. What can anyone do without equipment. There are lifters who will never admit that they couldn't do the lifts they do without equipment. There are also, many powerlifters who didn't get strong only eating meat and potatos. They know exactly what I mean. So, I condider all of the organizations equal, in their own way.

Submitted by admin on
Each federation is unique in the equipment they allow, drug testing stance, weigh-in times and judging strictness. Certainly, that makes direct comparisons very hard. However, it is still interesting to think about how lifters in the different federations would do given the same set of rules. And would a given lifter beat another under one set of rules but lose to that same lifter under another. Occasionally, we directly get to witness the talent levels of different federation's lifters when they cross over and lift in another federation. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen often enough to make more general comparisons.

Submitted by Paul Kelso (not verified) on
I don't the point of putting Feds for professional lifters and those for amatuers in the same survey. By definition, the pros should have the strongest lifters. The best lifters in any Fed will consider pro lifting if they think they can succeed.

Submitted by admin on
The USAPL/IPF isn't a professional federation and many would argue they have the strongest lifters. Currently, they're in a tight race with the WPO in this poll. I also have to wonder what qualifies one as a professional lifter. Does a 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation guy who goes to Bench America and takes the best bencher title, along with the money, count as a professional lifter. I don't see powerlifting quite the same way I see other sports. Mostly, because it's very hard to make a living with lifting paychecks alone.

Submitted by Mike Kuhns (not verified) on
I agree with all on how it is nearly impossible to compare lifters from different federations; where if you try your basically left, and I hate to use this phrase as it is becoming tired and quite redundant these days, comparing apples to oranges. But, and I'm just using these two federations and individuals for that matter, as example. Lets take Brian Siders of the IPF/USAPL and Garry Frank of the WPO and others, strictly as pure example. One would not argue that the IPF/USAPL is one of, if not the strictest of all the federations, regarding equipment check, weigh in, judging and drug testing. Wheras the WPO..... is not. Brian Siders does his 2500+ total in the USAPL under their strict ruling, and Gary Frank does his 2800+ total under not as strict ruling. Brains total goes without question, without doubt, and without anything less than total acceptance by the Powerlifting community as a whole. Wheras there are some individuals within this community who may question, may doubt, and may not accept the total(highest of all time I might add) established by Garry Frank. So if Mr. Frank is established as the strongest Powerlifter of this or any time why does he not jump into a federation of stricter rules where the total he sets will not be questioned, doubted or unaccepted, lets say the USAPL, and beat their strongest Powerlifter.