Pat Susco All Time WR Squat of 700!

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Veteran powerlifter Pat Susco set the all-time Raw 242 Masters 60-69 squat record ...700lbs. barefoot!..Pat weighed in @ 230 and made a triple b.w. squat! He made this lift at Skiba's Gym yesterday Sept 27th 2014. " A lot of guys talk shit - but when I say I couldn`t have done it without my training partner/fiance` Debbie I mean it...she`s been my only training partner for 2 years and was usually the only spotter I needed....My last 12 weeks of training brought me over 2 bridges to to train at the mecca "OZ" better known as SKIBAS GYM...what goes on there is unreal and is a sport unto itself...Of course the "Wizard" also known as Henri Skiba is the last vestige of a "love for the sport" lifter / owner, as he trains/runs this place solely to get you strong - as profit is clearly out of the question....he has every bar, rack,stone, log contraption made and a third monolift on the way !!! But what you get there is found no-where else - "courage" as everyone leaves there knowing they`ve given their best. "


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Ellen Stein I was there yesterday to witness this and Pat's squats were all spot on perfect. I was one of Pat's original training partners at his famous "Living Room Gym" before Hurricane Sandy washed it out to sea and I saw firsthand how dedicated and strong this man is both physically and mentally. Glad to see him return to the platform and wishing him continued success and more records in the future. Hope he doesn't retire!

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Henri Skiba Pat absolutely crushed 700 raw.....It actually was the first time ever someone besides himself wrapped him. He said that was hoping to prove the champ wrong...Henri...

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AWESOME LIFTING PAT! CONGRATS! Proudly Sponsored By: GOMETAL.COM UnBreakAbleGear JoHawkCustoms WestCaryBarBell