Joe Pena 700lb Raw Squat At 15 yrs Old!

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15 y.o squats 700 raw, no wraps, drug-tested (USAPL)... Wow, this looks like the making of a huge squatter to be!!! Following in the footsteps of Mark Henry, Shane Hamman and the little known teen legend Jason Wisner.. Back on Aug 7th 1988 Jason squatted a whopping 705 benched 402 and pulled 644 all raw at 15yrs old! He had no clue what gear was or what its performance value was... His father sent a letter to Powerlifting USA asking if it was worth buying the gear... A couple years later in gear, Jason squatted 837 and totaled 2006 at 17. This was actually done 1 yr before Mark Henry did his 2000 lb total in 1991. Football injuries sidelined Jason from reaching his potential but what of this new kid Joe Pena? Could he be the one to succeed where these 3 legendary young lifters left off? Watch his incredible lift!:


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GREAT SQUAT YOUNG MAN! KEEP UP THE INTENSE TRAINING. Proudly Sponsored By: UnBreakableGear JoHawkCustoms WestCaryBarBell

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Man kids are getting stronger. They are lifting more than we did in the Teen Nationals in the early 80s with full gear. How tall is he I hope he plays some football. At that age he would make a good lineman and it could really help his future at least to get a free education. Ken Ufford

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Ellen Stein This young man uses the Starting Strength method of barbell training...I believe he and his dad are coached by Mark Rippetoe