Best Bencher Under 200

Sun, 08/20/2006 - 21:55 -- admin
Fred Boldt
7% (53 votes)
James Burdette
2% (14 votes)
Dennis Cieri
19% (148 votes)
Jason Coker
5% (40 votes)
Shawn Frankl
7% (54 votes)
Jason Fry
4% (29 votes)
Brad Heck
8% (63 votes)
Jesse Kellum
6% (47 votes)
Daiki Kodama
6% (47 votes)
Joe Mazza
7% (57 votes)
Will Lynch
2% (18 votes)
Marcus Schick
12% (90 votes)
Alexey Sivokon
5% (36 votes)
Andrezj Stanaszek
3% (25 votes)
Mike Wolfley
7% (56 votes)
Total votes: 777


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i don't trust anyone to actually be drug free...thats nothing against Burdette just saying you never really know....thats why we dont ask who's the best drug free bencher.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Of current guys, I'd have to say Dennis Cieri. 525 unequipped at 198. Love to see what the guy could drive after *properly* learning an open-back two-ply RageX or F6

Submitted by isbell on
I know a 198er that benches 500 raw twice touch and go. He is close but cieri is on top right now.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I also know a 198er who benched 405x7 a few months ago. Thats weighing that weight, he competes 181 usually.

Submitted by Fredrik Svensson (not verified) on
Fredrik Jäder from Sweden did 485pounds(220kg) RAW in competion in 198er and 262.5(578pounds) in competion with a F6 single ply he is very strong. My Vote go too Kodama from Japan he is the best. 620pounds(281kg) in 165er in tested federation and single ply is very amazing.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
no such thing,drug free?when u are lifting numbers like that. its called injection of any steriod. drug tests are oral or urine. anything injected into the body will not come up. therefor its not drug free its bs. and the lifters who do hit hard who don't use that are the real champs. anyone can stick themselves. that just proves a lack of confidence in urself if u have to cheat others.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Dennis Ceri RAW and Joe Mazza with a shirt. Both of them ar freaks!

Submitted by Salvagni (not verified) on
There are about 5 benchers in history who can do 500# weighing under 200# raw. Ant titan can give you as much as 200 lbs. Add another 50 for denim. Will all respect to Pete Alaniz (Titan Founder)...true strength can only be gauged with a raw lift.

Submitted by John Land (not verified) on
Brian Schwab! @148-508 @165-573. And he's only getting better. 600 will go at the WPO semi's @148.

Submitted by Jesus (not verified) on
Schwab didn't try to make weight, last weekend he just walked in and lifted, it's very hard for him to make 148 so he only does it for the semis and the Arnold, when he moves up to 165 for for good he will be ready to do some serious damage

Submitted by brad heck (not verified) on
Burdette IS 100% drug free and can hang with anyone any fed and ply. Brian Schwab will definetly hit 600@148 soon he looked strong in florida. Mazza is one of the best benchers ever. If you want to talk raw and equiped frankl can do well over 500 raw and if he did a bench only meet i know he could hit 750@198. Fry is a freak and look for him to hit something huge @ 181 and of course Bolt is awsome and very consistent always hitting big numbers. Brad V should be on the list no doubt along with kilts. And its tough to compare all the guys on the list.

Submitted by admin on
It's a heckuva list and definitely tough to narrow down to one lifter. Congratulations on your recent WPO record.

Submitted by brad heck (not verified) on
thank you. the awsome thing about my class is every time these guys lift the record will be broken. burdette, fry, bolt,mazza and schick can break the record. these guys are all tough and thats what keeps us all going. and those 198ers are stupid strong, but like i said before dont count out schwab he is one bad ass dude the next person to hit 4Xs bodyweight im sure of it..

Submitted by admin on
Good point. Equal representation will be forthcoming. Email me if you have a particularly good poll suggestion.

Submitted by Flex Exec (not verified) on
Joe "Hammer" Mazza has done 3.75X his body weight! Last time I looked, no one has done that other then Shick. No doubt pound for pound best bencher out there.

Submitted by Mad Dog (not verified) on
Is it true that Mazza lifted 705 at 172 at a recent work out? It was posted on the Joe Average Strength web site. If that is true, that is pretty serious weight. He would have my vote.

Submitted by Wilber (not verified) on
Mike Wolfly has the best form/tecnique I've seen for benching and fears no weight and is drug free. he has my vote.

Submitted by BMF Sports on
Should I even admit that I outweigh those guys by no less than 80 lb, but they're outbenching me by 200+? Screw this. I'm going back to rasslin'! Seriously, though...I've been an official as well as announcer three times for Will Lynch and once for Dennis Cieri, and their lifts are just amazing. Photos don't capture their form from lift-off to rack. If more people saw them live, there may be more respect and admiration for them instead of anonymous snipes of slander. Stay with it, Shawn "Bud" Lyte Vice-President 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation Founder BMF Sports & BMF Nutrition

Submitted by razorbrakes (not verified) on
[quote=jon][/quote] anyone that believes markus schick has a great beach press is insane. first of all i was at the aronld classic when he set the record at 667. they set the bar on his chest before letting go. not a legal lift by any means. plus feet on cynder blocks, against rules must stay flat on floor not blocks. yes i give him credit for moving that much weight but he didnt even lock out arms b4 they grabbed bar and credited him for lift. he is a joke would rather see a true lift at less weight than him get credit for garbage lifts.... you want a real man and bench presser. fred boldt is the man.....

Submitted by chris (not verified) on
wow, nobody even mentioned stanazek who benched 390 unequipped at 114 or marcus schick who is the only person in the world to bench 4 times his bodyweight, with a 650 press at 165. these are insane lifts no matter how u look at them. why is it that the lighter weight classes, especially the 114's, 123's and 132's, get ignored so often?

Submitted by Ken B (not verified) on
Best pound-for-pound drug free and raw: Narbe Mansourian, weighs 145 and put up 392.

Submitted by Ray C (not verified) on
[quote=Ken B]Best pound-for-pound drug free and raw: Narbe Mansourian, weighs 145 and put up 392. [/quote] I know....I've met him and seen him lift. He should be a serious contender for best lightweight.

Submitted by Chris Loane (not verified) on
Dennis Cieri has to be the #1 RAW bencher under 200....biggest tested bench of all time at 198. As far as shirted guys go its kinda of a crapshoot, to many quality lifters, as far as singly ply you cant go wrong with the japanese lifters i.e. Kodama and Watanabe. Double ply is more of the same, guys like Mazza, Fry,Coker and Burdette to name a few.