Ian Bell making a 810lb pull look easy!

Create: 02/17/2014 - 02:32
From Ian- Here is an 810 lb deadlift. 13 days out. This is about what I pulled last year at the Arnold. Got my confidence back and I'm feeling pretty good about this meet.


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GREAT LIFTING! KEEP UP THE INTENSE TRAINING! Proudly Sponsored By: UnBreakableGear JoHawkCustoms WestCaryBarBell

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Holyshit, was that a misload? lol wow! Ian, how do you like pulling from that wooden floor? Does it get slick? Anybody use powder...and then does it get slippery? Thanks... Putt Houston.... now with Ridiculous BCWW

The Putt Houston

Submitted by Ken Ufford on
Well first off that was a smoke show! I think you will be in for a huge PR. That was way easy. You are fun to watch perfect form. Good luck at the meet you will smash a PR. Ken Ufford