Spirit Of RUM VII: Tom Roselli!!!!

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Tom is one of only two lifters who have ever done every single RUM thus far. He had progressed facing the nation's and the worlds best 165 pound lifters. He always came in not worried about how others performed but how he performed. RUM VII was no different, and even though he had trouble in his training and sustaining injuries during his preparation; Tom came to put all he had on the table! After a slow opener with 479, he jumped to 512 and missed badly. He was totally distraught by this miss and was determined not to miss this lift again! He came to the platform with crazy written all over his face. This must have frightened the platform manager because Mr Houston slapped the New England accent out of Tom! But Tom as fired up as ever made the 512!!! "In an attempt to fire himself and the crowd up Tom Roselli approaches platform manager Putt Houston at RUM 7. We tussle and shove and scream and then he got me so amped up I gave him a slap across the face. I thought that's what he wanted. Unfortunately I have hulk hands and hit him like an iron skillet to the side of his head. He was woosey and disoriented and I felt bad I buckled him. In a rage he hit the platform and got his third attempt squat showing his ability to overcome adversity after practically being knocked out seconds before. Great job Tom. .... And sorry brother, lol.


Submitted by billandapril on
Congratulations to Tom Roselli! An honor to compete along side him!

Submitted by Michael Zundelevich on
Man,that was classic. That needs to be freeze framed and put on the RUM 8 promo poster.

Submitted by JASON MANENKOFF on
hahahah that explains that photograph!! fkn tom!!!!! always a good time! i real hope someone has an hd extended version of this clip. Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance www.iron-arena.com

Submitted by Jeff Hackett 1 on
That's great, but where are the squats? J Hack. ... all things are possible to him that believeth.

Submitted by Al Annunziato on
Jeez, Putt, you seemed to be such a nice guy! (Awesome job as platform manager, by the way.) Tom is always fun to watch...and always impressive.

Submitted by jon landau on
He almost got knocked the F out, all of us spotters couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes. Classic powerlifting at its finest. Great lifting by Tom Jon Landau

Submitted by Team McCloskey on
SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAD A GREAT AND FUN MEET, CONGRATS TOM! Proudly Sponsored By: UnBreakableGear JoHawkCustoms WestCaryBarBell