Winners of 2013 's Tops of the Year

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All the totals have been completed and now its time for the results to be official. This year's Female lifter of the year drew an astonishing amount of votes. Leaving one very skeptical of how it was performed. Nearly 31,000 votes were posted for this category! The battle came down to last years winner teen phenom (who has probably received more media coverage than any other lifter crossing over into the mainstream) Maryana Naumova and Talybova Gyunel who has astonished many with her new alltime world records at such a small bodyweight. These two lifters got 87% of the votes! Maryana became this years repeat winner! Maryana Naumova 46% (14132 votes) Talybova Gyunel 41% (12748 votes) For the Gym of the year it came down to Strong Gym and Omaha Barbell with Strong Gym coming out on top with 937 votes to 877 votes! Strong Gym 23% (937 votes) Omaha Barbell 21% (877 votes) The Male lifter of the year was a well deserved battle of two of the years greatest performers! All Time world record holder Dan Green battled All Time world record holder Andrey Malanichev! The end result was a close one with Dan also like Maryana became a two time winner! Dan Green 32% (2650 votes) Andrey Malanichev 29% (2409 votes) Forum of the year for 2013 was Elitefts! They took out the 2012 champion Body! Elitefts 52% (1874 votes) Body Powerlifting section 21% (765 votes) Male and Female lifters of the year will once again receive a prize from our sponsors... This will be announced as soon as we can come to agreements on who will present it. ALSO next years polls will be much different! Next year nominations will not be allowed by the general public. Nominations will be given by select people across the world based on merit! Nomination will be open to the general public for the Forum of the Year though.


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"Leaving one very skeptical of how it was performed" the Russians have been known to hack computers, just ask Target's millions of customers. Congrats to the winners nevertheless. Snowden won the best lifter???

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CONGRATS TO ALL WHO WERE NOMINATED AND THE WINNERS. Proudly Sponsored By: UnBreakableGear WestCaryBarBell

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Ellen Stein Just thought perhaps all the other nominated female lifters would like to read an excerpt from an interview on Critical Bench from this year's winner: CRITICAL BENCH: What are your future goals? I do not want to be the strongest woman. The sport of female powerlifting will require that you take performance enhancing drugs which I do not want to do. And in a later paragraph after that she mentions that her PL hero is Ryan Kennelly.