Robert Cortes passes on

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Robert Cortes one of the pioneers of modern powerlifting has passed away on January 24th in Orange, California. Robert Cortes is currently credited on the Powerlifting Watch 60+ Raw 148lb. class all time deadlift record. Robert's powerlifting can be traced back to the 60's and it has been said that one reason the master's division was created was due to Robert having to compete (and often placing) against younger lifters such as a young Mike Bridges, and a young Rickey Dale Cain to list just a few. He has been induced into the USPA, WABDL, USPF California, and most recently the AAU Powerlifting Hall of Fame. (His last public appearance in Oct. of 2013.) He has held multiple world records in numerous federations in the bench, squat, and deadlift, with his last meet taking place just after his 80th. birthday. He is survived by his wife, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and a very large extended powerlifting family which will dearly miss him. They say in the end you see a single bright white light, I'm sure that Robert saw three. Below is a link to a u-tube clip of Robert setting a world deadlift record at age 78


Submitted by emilian on
I first met Bobby at the 1976 Senior Nationals, he already was in his forties and competing against the best in the 148 lb division. At the time he seem ancient to me and strong as hell( I was 28 at the time). Rest in peace! Powerlifting will miss you.

Submitted by artmenton on
I don't recall meeting Robert until the early 1990's and by that time we were competing as master lifters, him in 148 and me at 182 and 165. I am sad but I don't recall as happens so much in powerlifting saying much other then "nice lift or great lifting" to Robert. We would occasionally catch each other's eyes and nod in approval and in the heat of lifting that was sufficient. I do wish as I hear of his passing that I had expressed how I would compare what he did at 148 to what I did at comparable ages and considering I was heavier. Often I remember thinking he did that at 148, I should be able to do this at 165. Few lifters remain at their competing weight at long as Robert competed. I am proud that we lifted on the same platform many times and will remember him!

Submitted by Karl Davenport on
RIP - So glad I got to see him compete - my prayers are with his family. May he never be forgotten - truly a great lifter!

Submitted by bobgaynor on
I met Bob at the 1973 Jr nationals in Stillwater OK. He was a great guy and will be missed

Submitted by Steve Denison on
Rest in Peace Bob. I will miss you and you will be missed by all those in the Powerlifting community that came to know you. Bob had an extraordinary career in the sport that few will ever duplicate. I was grateful to see Bob compete one last time on Sept 5, 2010 in Los Alamitos, CA at the SOCAL meet in the 165 Masters 80+ achieving a 264 squat, 176 bench, 380 deadlift for an 821 total.