RELENTLESS! Therese's Hope Kids Fundraising Page

Create: 12/29/2013 - 16:43
On March 28/29, I will be lifting for Hope Kids. I will be sponsoring a child & their family, raising as much money as possible between now and then. Last March I raised over $4,000 for Hope Kids & little Maya and as a group we raised over $100,000!! This year I know it can be done again, but not without your help. I know it's the Christmas season and money may be tight, but please dig deep into your hearts and donate, even a dollar. These kids may be sick, but they are stronger and happier than most "healthy" individuals and deserve all the HOPE we can give them. Please feel free to share link via social media or email. Thank you in advance. I appreciate it.. Hope Kids appreciates it! Therese Donate here >>>>