Pedro Meijas 622 Pound Bench Press at USAPL NJ States!

Create: 10/06/2013 - 19:05
Powerlifting can be a funny sport. There are names everyone knows and follows. But all of a sudden at a local meet new talent can show up and no one hears about it. This amazing bench press is a perfect example. Pedro Meijas hit a flawless 622 pound bench press at the USA Powerlifting New Jersey state championship in August. And yet as of this posting the video only has 39 hits. Let's give Mr. Meijas some recognition!


Submitted by wade likens on
Pedro has been hitting 600+ benches for a few years now. He lifts mostly 100% RAW and some WNPF. He is one of the most humble people in the sport and is an absolute beast. I think he is only starting to scratch the surface of his strength.

Submitted by JASON MANENKOFF on
Wow. This dude has been lighting it up in a variety of feds this yr! That looked easy. Looked like he has another 20+ in him. Welcome to the USAPL single lift records page Pedro! Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance

Submitted by osu122975 on
I've been to several meets watching Pedro. He's been doing it for a while. Great lifter and very humble guy. Huge freakin hands on that guy.

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Submitted by JohnShifflett on
Pedro is very strong lifter! He is a very humble man. He will move that number way up. Nice lifting.

John Shifflett

Submitted by ifwade on
I've actually been following Pedro for years--he's hit 600+ in competition a number of times. But yes, relative to many other lifters, he has a small internet presence.

Submitted by Wolfgang Siegfried on
More impressive than a few other raw benches with higher amount of lbs (not that many left). Immaculate style and huge pause. Awesome! He could become a factor in the Arcidi, Spoto & Co department.

Submitted by SGT ROCK on
Amazing lift! Awesome technique. Congratss!! Semper Fi Sgt Rock USMC