Are Powerlifting Judges Always Correct?

Create: 11/17/2005 - 16:43
Lately, we've heard a lot of negative talk about judging at powerlifting meets. Much of that was spurred by the recent WPO meets. In fact, Marc Bartley who bombed out at the Semis in Finland, had a few choice words for the judging. Of course the negativity certainly is not confined to that federation nor those meets. Iron Trybe is currently discussing powerlifting judging. Asked if judges are always correct, NickW responds:

NO, not at all. They are human and can make mistakes too, but they seem make a few more for the big name lifters.

And adds:

I don't think a judge has ever screwed me, everytime it has been something I have done. Of course I don't think I would notice if I was screwed by a judge for the simple fact I am laying on a bench and can't see myself from their perspective. Even if you get it on video you would need a vid from all 3 angles to see if you were cheated. Its hard for me to blame the judges in good conscience.

Fooshound answers:

I take whatever decision the judges give me.

bigbadone's take:

here are my views on judging...ive seem some BS lifts get passed and some good lifts redlighted..roll with the punches...some judges play savortism crap because so and so is on your team and crap like that...lets just say i dont like favortism

About Bartley's post:

He has a right to be pissed and a right to complain. No, he diesn't deserve special treatment when it comes to the rules because he's moving big weight.


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They just don't seem to have the backbone to redlight big named lifters, it's like when the cool kid in school does something wrong, no one says a damn thing because they don't want to seem UNCOOL. It's sad but true, however there are probably judges that go the other way. They are more inclined to redlight a big name because they believe the lift has to be perfect(or they want to feel powerful).

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I'd say that both of those observations are correct. I think another important point to consider is the environment the heads of certain feds are fostering. If my aim is to have the most exciting federation in the world, I want the biggest lifts in the world. There are many ways to achieve that: progressive equipment rules, large purses and relaxed judging. If judges are getting that message, whether overtly or tacitly, that could explain some judging decisions.

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I'd agree with that completely and that explains the WPO perfectly in my opinion.