Jon Cole gone at 71

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From Gus Rethwisch, WABDL President: Jon Cole died of lung failure in January at age 71. Without Jon Cole from Arizona, George Frenn from Los Angeles, John Kuc and Jim Williams from Pennsylvania, there would be no powerlifting. Cole made the 1968 Olympic team as a discus thrower. He was 5’10”, and weighed 255 to 283 pounds and could throw a discus 222 feet. All of his lifts were raw – bench 580, squat 903, and dead lift 882 at 283#. At 242, he dead lifted 826, squatted 804, and benched 534. Jon Cole had a standing $10,000 bet he could beat anybody in arm wrestling; he never lost his bet. I saw him at his gym do the universal wrist roll at the top resistance of 15; his forearms were a blur. He could run the hundred-yard dash in 9.9 and could throw a baseball 400 feet. He cleaned and jerked 468 in the gym and 446 in a meet; snatched 385 in the gym and 370 in competition. He was “King” Jon Cole. Long live the king in Heaven
Info from : Jon Cole wikipedia Lifts done in official competition: Squat: 901.5 lbs (408.9 kg) raw with ace-bandage knee wraps (905.0 lbs @ 283.0 lbs, which later weighed out at 901.5 lbs) Bench Press: 609.5 lbs (276.5 kg) raw Deadlift: 882.5 lbs (400.3 kg) raw (885.0 lb. @ 283.0 lb., which later weighed out at 882.5 lb.) Powerlifting Total: 2364 lbs (901.5/580/882.5) raw with ace-bandage wraps (2370 lbs (905/580/885) @ 283.0 lbs, which later weighed out at 2364 lbs (901.5/580/882.5)) 2364 lbs (901.5/580.0/882.5) @308 lb class (1972 Phoenix, Arizona) (AAU) 2259 lbs (869.0/570.0/820.0) @275 lb class (1972 Denver, Colorado) (AAU) 2135 lbs (797.0/525.0/813.0) @242 lb class (1971 Tolleson, Arizona) (AAU)


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Jon truly was a legend and arms that would make a bodybuilder jealous. A true pioneer of the sport he will be greatly missed. rest in peace brother. Jeff Hackett. ... all things are possible to him that believeth.

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I remember on a business trip through Phoenix in the 1970's, making a special trip to work out at I believe it was Thornbeck's gym where I heard Jon Cole and a bunch of good powerlifters worked out. I had a great workout but I guess because of the quality lifters I don't think I impressed anyone. I hope we continue to honor those lifters like Jon that brought excitement to powerlifting.RIP