Powerlifting Female Lifter of The Year

Tue, 01/08/2013 - 17:38 -- admin
Ellen Stein
4% (93 votes)
Rheta West
2% (43 votes)
Anna McCloskey
13% (327 votes)
Liz Freel
3% (65 votes)
Jennifer Thompson
10% (252 votes)
Kim Walford
6% (163 votes)
Taylar Stalling
10% (247 votes)
Ann Vanderbush
1% (38 votes)
April Mathis
1% (35 votes)
Laura Phelps Sweatt
6% (164 votes)
Maryana Naumova
45% (1147 votes)
Total votes: 2574


Submitted by maaburne on
[quote=Pitbull]Taylar Stallings Hands down. :)[/quote] It's hard to argue with Taylar Stallings, but "hands down," I don't know. Jennifer Thompson set not only the bench press all time world records in the 132 and 148 lb. weight classes, but also the all-time total in the 132 lb. class. Stallings has records, too, but Thompson had a great year.

Submitted by Brian Hopper on
Ok, but everytime April Mathis competes she is breaking all-time records no matter what weight class. How many other female powerlifters can squat 650, bench 425, deadlift 580 and total 1650 raw? ZERO...Her numbers are better then some geared lifters.. I'm not taking anything away from the ladies that are listed. I just don't understand how she didn't make the cut.

Submitted by admin on
Brian you should have nominated her during the nomination week. I left the nomination sticky up for a week. No body nominated her.

Submitted by Brian Hopper on
I thought somebody did nominate her, because I remember seeing her name.

Submitted by admin on
Nope no one did... I am going to add her, Laura Phelps Sweatt, and Ali McWeeny.. going to add a couple more on the other lists as well but then it is closed.