ADAU Merges With 100% Raw

Create: 11/14/2012 - 23:20
Bigler, Pa - On January 1, 2013 The ADAU will merge with 100% Raw and become one federation. The final ADAU Raw Power meet on November 11th is shaping up to be a good one. In honor of the legacy and memory of the late great Allan Siegel we petitioned Paul Bossi for an upgrade to make this meet a Regional affair. We were granted the sanction and then the scramble was on to make sure that the proper judges would be on hand. A "final call" went out to all ADAU and 100% Raw lifters to join in on this last party. And boy did they respond. We have 60 lifters from 6 states. The meet will be headlined by (5) Elite lifters and there is a possibility of as many as 4 Open World records falling. The line-up will include 148# Chris Ferranti, 181 pounders Rich Campbell and Ben Royer, bench specialist David Blattenberger (also at 181#) and 19 year old phenom Matthew Sohmer. The New Yorker born Sohmer will be in the 275 class and attempting an Elite total of around 1750-1800 pounds. FULL ROSTER - Central PA Open