From Diesel Weasel To Max Misch!

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"Hard Work is Everything" This was quoted by the Great Larry Pacifico many years ago, but it fits Max perfectly... He has come a long way from his old days of just learning how to lift properly.. He trained hard and despite many of the early jokes, Max has now become a solid lifter. He has come from his Garage days to preparing for his first appearance at RUM VI.. He has made the cut and will face his toughest line up yet.. Here is a view into the past and present of Max Misch:


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He's totally still the Weasel.... It's just that the nickname has a completely different connotation now! Dan Antonucci

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"Hard Work is Everything". Yep... could not agree more. Hard work is what has taken a individual who obviously was not the most genetically gifted (sorry max ;)) and allowed allowed him to transform in a linear fashion throughout the last few years to where he is now and IMO he's just getting started figuring out what really works while discarding what doesn't. 1350 would be a reasonable goal for him at RUM and in doing so as stated above he will be in good company. I hope I'm there to join the party. Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance