USAPL Raw Nationals- videos

Create: 08/12/2012 - 19:06
From Rob Schmidt: I posted a bunch of videos on the USAPL Facebook page. Your readers may be interested in them. Particularly noteworthy are the Brad Gillingham/Randall Harris deadlifts. They were tied going into the deadlift. It looked like it was going to be Brad pulling into the win. But then Harris jumped from 340 to 372.5 on his third (a 9.6% increase), and got the third. We have some footage below. Brad would have needed to pull 397.5 to win on bodyweight. Brad did not change his third deadlift and accepted second place, but still had the biggest pull of the meet. I also just posted video of Alaska Matt Baller - a new lifter - benching a national meet record BP of 545 at SHW. Links: Matt Baller Matt Baller Randall Harris: Randall Harris Big Brad Big Brad Niko Hulslander PR 744 third pull Niko Hulslander Alex Tertitski: Alex Tertitski Eli Burks' 726 record third pull at 220: Eli Burks USAPL president Larry Maile. Larry Maile M2 national record squat and total. He will be lifting at the Arnold. Matt Nolan. Third place 220s. Matt Nolan Nick Tylutki. First place 220s. Nick Tylutki Check out the bar speed on that opener American Record squat.