Jamie Lewis The Elite!

Create: 07/16/2012 - 11:47
In a time when many lifters claim to be elite, few ever really fit that description. Jamie Lewis is one of the lifters who do! At the USPA North American Classic Raw Championship, Jamie went 633-325-661 for an incredible total of 1620 at 181! Back in 1973, the only time when American powerlifting was completely raw (not even wraps), a change was made to the lifter classifications. Numbers were were re-evaluated and the "Elite" Class was added. This was class was intended for those lifters that were so far ahead of the rest of the top lifters that they needed to be seperated... Only 2-3 lifters per class were to be called elite at any given time... At 181 1600 was considered elite and Jamie has done this several times now establishing himself as one of the best 181 pounders in the world. Here we have some footage of his recent result:
633 Squat
2nd attempt Bench Miss
661 Pull


Submitted by Steve Denison on
Congratulations Jamie! Thank you for coming out from Alabama and putting up a great total at 181! BTW, the caption above, on the 2nd sentence, should say at the USPA North American Classic Raw Championship at the San Jose Fit Expo Jamie went... Steve Denison www.uspla.org

Submitted by JASON MANENKOFF on
great stuff. I see you're still reverse gripping. what a nut. lol With that being said the reason you missed that weight is because your letting it sink and virtually relaxing the weight at the pause. You're losing all your tension and allowing the stretch reflex to dissipate even more than it would with a regular pause. I know it must be hard as fuck to pause as it is when going reverse grip but to get up into the 400+ range which you're capable of you're going to have to make some changes.

Submitted by maxbm on
Congrats on another great meet, Jamie. You're definitely going to beat the all-time world record for the squat. It's just a matter of time. Keep going! Looking forward to meeting you and all the other awesome lifters at Raw Unity in February. - Max "Diesel Weasel" Misch

Submitted by jon landau on
Jeez, great liftin for a 181er. Manenkoff is right about the bench but super strong, Im guessin the reverse grip is due to a shoulder injury not trying to be Anthony Clark. Stay jacked.