Shannon Hartnett And Losing Idealism

Create: 11/16/2005 - 16:28
The drug suspension of Shannon Hartnett prompted a thread at Power and Bulk about letdowns members have felt from icons in the sporting world. Some of these moments center around the uncovering of performance enhancing drug usage. Other times it's a case of discovering the reality of the icons actions differs significantly from their public image. Cayvmann waxes philosophical in responding:

You put people up on pedestals and they tend to fall.

The thread takes a detour though and addresses the question of when and why powerlifting has lost its innocence.

I think that powerlifting is in it's death throws, and that's really causing a lot of disallusionment for me. It's the sport I love.

El Pampero affirms the loss of idealism:

Powerlifters have always been saying that only lifts done in a competition count. Now it seems that lifts done in comp have become as questionable as "gym lifts" - with lax judging, changing rules, equipment, etc. I think it's going to be very hard to fix this sport.

Many other posts refer to equipment and steroids as a prime cause for their loss of idealism towards powerlifting.

I was embarrassed to bring people to meets when the first single-ply poly BP shirts came out and I had to explain why everybody was walking around like mummies.


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Unrealistic, 40 year old (and comparative novice olympic lifter) attempting to hang with the youngsters. Learn to play by the rules, or someone is bound to help you out with that decision... Her excuse, "cortisone shot" with the statement she will compete in other venues while she serves her 2 year suspension... No remorse or embarrassment for her actions - not exactly a sport ambassador...

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It's all about plausable deniability, as politicians call it. Give the people something, anything they can grab hold of so that they don't indict your behavior. Yes, it was a teammate giving me a vitamin B-12 shot. Sure. There are certainly those that want to believe that will embrace those thinly veiled lies.

Submitted by Gojira on
You pick your federation based on their rules they enforce. There are plenty of untested feds out there.It is not cheating if there is no rule in your fed. That having been said, federations like the USAPL that promote themselves as drug free are fooling themselves and the public. They are not drug free, drug tested yes, but not drug free. They have a couple of pages on their website filled with the names of those athletes that have failed their drug test, and thos are just the stupid ones that got caught. The USAPL is one of those ferderations, that has forgotten it is about the athletes, not the judges or the administration. I have no respect for the USAPL. I think they treat their athletes badly. With respect to drug use in general: I thnk that it is a cat and mouse game that will never be resolved. I view it as being similar to wearing a motorcycle helmit when riding. If you've done your research, you know what the dangers are, and you also know what your limitations are.If you have not done your research, then you are stupid and deserve what ever you get.