Why Did The Russians Dominate IPF Worlds?

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The United States has some of the strongest lifters in the world. So how did the Russians destroy the American team at the recent IPF Worlds in Miami Florida? Monster Muscle is discussing that question. RedneckPL provides quite a few possible answers:

- Siders wasn't there. That's one first place finish we lost. - The USAPL seems much more strict than other nations on drug testing. - The powerlifting base is much more diluted here. .

Mastermonster also thinks drug testing plays a major role:

I also think the answer is obvious.It's alresdy been said IPF - Euros win/ WPO - US wins. I'll add another example. WPC - US wins with a vastly out-numbered team. Let's see here. No drug test, we dominate. Drug test they dominate. I think I see a patern here! Maybe it's not their training techniques that are superior, but just maybe it's all the cold-war era drug research and how to beat Olympic drug test knowledge that is the real difference.

Zeke responds to the existence of multiple federations in the US:

The last thing that I think turns alot of people away from IPF in america is the judging. I know this probably won't make people happy, but there's no way that any of the current records that exist out there in other Feds would even come close to passing the IPF standard...I think all of that makes it hard for americans to join the IPF. Plus, how many meets are ever here in the US.

Training routines are also cited:

I think volume training is one cause of Scandinavian, East European, Ukrainian and Russian success. They are still focused on strength.

John Prophet concurs:

the closest reason I have seen so far that I agree with is simply the training....namely the sheer volume they all do....they had/have it down to a science no doubt...they are YEARS ahead of us

Other responses include:

The Russians are just weight lifting bad asses.


Powerlifting and Olympic lifting are the main sports in those countries.


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Recently I read an article in the site of West Side Barbell Club about bench press, and there is a sentence that got my attention : "Please, I beg you, stop reading bodybuilding magazines. They have contributed greatly to ruining strength training in the United States." Of course the russians have a much more deep knowledge about strenght training, since the School of Kiev, a university like laboratory that made decades of researches about cinesiology, hormones, phisiology, anatomy and so on. They dominate the Olimpics for a long time, and now, the powerlifting meetings. The article is named : "How to Bench 500 Easy"

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"Please, I beg you, stop reading bodybuilding magazines. They have contributed greatly to ruining strength training in the United States."

I've seen that article and it's an interesting quote. It does address much of the lifting which is done in the states. Another large part of the lifting is just plain aimless with no goals or plan. However, I don't think those who are training for strength or power are influenced by bodybuilding magazines. They read Monster Muscle and Powerlifting USA. The statement might ring true to those who first start lifting, thinking they're bodybuilding type program is geared for strength gains. However, after a relatively short time they discover the truth. Yes, that lifter might be lost for up to a year or so, but I don't think that's a devastating loss of time. I guess the most important point, and it is an important one, is that Amercia is more a bodybuilding culture than a powerlifting culture. I think we read more bodybuilding magazines because of that reality rather than the magazines creating that reality.